Our history

F & H Galea & Son Pty Ltd first began with the union of Helen Camenzuli and Felix Galea in 1959.

Felix, coming from a long line of farmers, emigrated to Australia from Gozo in Malta in 1956 at the age of 17. On arrival in Australia he began farming at Eastern Creek in Sydney’s west. Helen is an Australian born Maltese with both of her parents coming from a strong farming background .

When Felix & Helen married they continued to farm the 7 acres at Eastern Creek. They had three children, Eddie, Connie & Michelle. As time went on, Helen and Felix sponsored two of Felix’s younger brothers, Louis and Paul to come to Australia and work with them. They then in 1965 purchased 20 acres at Penrith with irrigation from the Nepean River. Building a small house and setting up a new farm, the Galea family moved to Penrith in 1966. Paul and Louis went on to purchase and farm their own properties.

In 1970, Helen & Felix bought the 102 acre property here in Werombi and commuted between both farms. They then sponsored Felix’s youngest  brother, Sam, who now with his wife Lucy, successfully farm in Theresa Park. The family had a lot of hard work in front of them as the property was a run-down orchard; they grazed cattle but the primary income was vegetables.

Growing vegetables in Werombi was difficult at times and the Galeas returned to Penrith on occasion.  Water was also an issue on the new farm and in 1995-1996 the decision was made to increase the size of the existing 2 dams. Today the property has 3 dams over an area of 30 acres and a water holding capacity of 500 million litres. More recently, the farm has become an enclosed water system where all run off is recycled and put back onto the property. There is no run off of water into the nearby Sydney Water Catchment Area.

To date, the Galea family have been farming in the Macarthur Region for over forty years growing cabbages, several varieties of lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, celery as well as seasonal crops such as Russian garlic, corn and pumpkins.

With a strong commitment to the environment, F&H Galea & Son, also known as Werombi Farm Produce, are now leading the way in IPM (Integrated Pest Management) farming practices in the Sydney Basin. Eddie and his family regularly volunteer their farm for research trials and as a location for farm field days.

Eddie and his wife Kerry have been actively involved in the horticultural industry. Both have held positions in their local NSW Farmers’ Association (NSWFA) Horticulture Branch. Eddie has been on National Vegetable R&D Advisory Groups for about 12 years (he has represented IPM, Environment, Leafy Vegetables and Consumers).

Eddie is a member of the AUSVEG Environmental Committee and was on the NSW Vegetable Industry Development Officer Steering Committee.

They were both central to the success of the NSWFA Farmers’ Markets which started in October 2002. This market, now known as Warwick Farm Trackside Market is owned and operated by United Growers of which Eddie and Kerry are shareholders. Eddie sits on the Board of Directors and Kerry has co-ordinated the market in the past.

They have expanded the business now to include a boutique-style Home Delivery Service with the concept of bringing farm fresh produce straight to the customer’s kitchen bench. This has proven to be very successful and the delivery service now covers Werombi, Cobbitty and Camden.

More recently Kerry was invited to attend Camden Fresh Produce Market on a fortnightly basis. Werombi Farm Produce can now supply the people of Camden with quality, farm fresh produce.